Broadening Our Horizons to the Northeast

POP QUIZ! Did you notice anything different about the website? I’ll give you a hint … it’s the title! Go ahead and look again, as we are now Northeast Meetings + Events. Cue applause.

All kidding aside, we have come a long way since the spring of 2014 when we launched the first Meetings + Events title in our collection on the East Coast. You may not already know, but we are part of a collection of 10 regionally focused publications (and you can subscribe to all of them if you’d like by visiting

In four short years we went from being completely unknown to becoming the source for undiscovered venues, places to meet and eat, activities to bring to your next meeting and a whole lot more. We want you to read about places that you overlooked or simply didn’t know about. It’s why we’ve expanded from New Jersey to the Northeast—because you asked us to do it! Now, you’ll get the chance to learn more about what’s happening in the whole region. 

From Connecticut and New York to New Jersey, I’ve lived in several of the states we’ll be covering and I’m looking forward to revisiting old haunts, seeing how some things have changed and how others have remained the same. Come along for the journey and see a little more of the Northeast with us. 

Conrad New York and canine concierge and luxury apparel company POOCHi announced a unique partnership to ensure all guests, even the four-legged and furry ones, experience a luxurious stay at the Lower Manhattan property.


As part of a garden-based educational expansion, The New York Botanical Garden (NYBG) has announced the opening of a new “Edible Academy.”


New partnership brings organized approach to small and midsize trade shows.