Eco-Friendly Plates are Both Gorgeous and Green

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In 2006, Michael Dwork was between years of business school in India when he came across the rural practice of making palm leaf plates (used to feed people at temple). Ever since that day, he’s been driven to share the process with as many people as possible, and now he does so through his ecologically friendly disposable dinner and partyware company, Verterra. “We started out with dinnerware in that palm leaf line,” says Dwork. “That’s our standard, and that first collection has a very special place for me.” However, Verterra has since expanded beyond palm leaf dinnerware to collections that include disposable cheese trays and collapsible boxes perfect for boxed lunches. 

“When we got going, I was hoping people would be excited about the eco aspect of the products,” says Dwork, “but people were really talking about the pretty plates that plated food so beautifully.” The striking look of Verterra products is no accident, according to Dwork. The dinnerware was designed not so that it would look appealing on a shelf, but so that it would frame the food that was served on it. “Dishes should heighten the look and feel of the food,” he says. 

Verterra offers a full line of disposable catering ware that adds to the aesthetic appeal of the food served on it, making it a perfect alternative to both china and traditional disposables. The company also offers off-site delivery and event service. 

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