• The Grand Hyatt New York is recognized for energy efficient upgrades

    POSTED October 23, 2017

The Grand Hyatt New York in Midtown Manhattan was one of just three organizations to be awarded the Energy Efficiency Leader Award on September 19th by Trane®. The award recognizes the hotel’s commitment to best practices in energy efficiency after extraordinary upgrades not only improve the hotel’s bottom line, but reduced energy use by 1,352,007 kilowatt-hour (kWh) and cut carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 950 metric tons.

"Grand Hyatt New York has a long-standing commitment to sustainability practices, and we wanted to ensure that our work on the retrofit for our hotel minimized our impact on the environment,” said Ron McGill, director of engineering at Grand Hyatt New York. “The hospitality industry has the power to shift the way energy is used in hotel buildings and Trane played an integral part in transforming our own use.”

The award was presented by Paul Camuti, senior vice president of innovation and Chief Technology Officer at Ingersoll Rand. After the ceremony, leaders from Grand Hyatt New York, Ingersoll Rand, New York State Energy Research and Development (NYSERDA) and WSP held a joint panel examining how a commitment to energy efficiency could be applied to not just the hospitality industry, but to New York City as well.

“Grand Hyatt New York exemplifies the leadership in energy efficiency and environmental stewardship that we recognize annually with the Energy Efficiency Leader Award,” Camuti said. “Grand Hyatt New York’s retrofit underscores the impact partnerships and the power of technology have in providing long-term environmental, financial and facility benefits.”

Grand Hyatt New York is showing the industry that energy efficiency and financial performance are compatible. Hyatt corporate joins in the Grand Hyatt New York’s vision of enhanced sustainability of operations and plans to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission by 25 percent per square/meter worldwide by 2020.


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