• Have Fun with Food at New York’s Institute of Culinary Education

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    POSTED December 1, 2017

In our current issue of Northeast Meetings + Events, we included a story on culinary team-building. Seeking another choice for food fun? Try New York’s Institute of Culinary Education. I had the opportunity to a Q&A with Gina Mignon, Special Events Director at the Institute of Culinary Education.

NEM+E: What does ICE offer for private groups
ICE offers so much! We have options for hands-on cooking events where guests can help to make the food they’ll later be dining on, we also have classic mixology events where guests can learn how to make and taste classic cocktails. We have a new culinary mixology event which delves deeper into mixology trends and guests make their own syrups and use food ingredients to create specialty cocktails. We also offer tastings, including beer and wine, as well as private dinners or luncheons with a chef roundtable to interact with guests and answers questions.

NEM+E: What is the best size for groups to be accommodated? 
Magnon: For hands-on cooking, we accommodate 12-110 guests, but can accommodate other group sizes as well, depending on the format.

NEM+E: Why is ICE a good choice for planners seeking culinary team-building? 
Our chef instructors are trained to teach and have groups work together. The planning process is simple, we’re a one stop shop for all planning needs. We do more than 400 events each year and menus have been designed and developed specifically for this format. Events are also held in our teaching kitchens, so the kitchens were designed for a learning environment–it’s really a unique experience. 

NEM+E: What sets you apart?
Events take place in the same kitchens and with the same chefs as our career training and recreational programs–event guests are learning from ICE’s premier chef instructors in the same kitchens our students learn. Our location is new, has gorgeous Hudson River views and state-of-the-art equipment. We present a polished and professional experience from planning to execution to follow up. 

NEM+E: Why do you think attendees enjoy these activities? 
They’re a lot of fun. They’re interactive. They’re stress-free. It involves everyone on your team regardless of their skill level–anybody can do this! Guests will also walk away with some new skills to bring home.

For more information, visit ice.edu

Did you know that April is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month?! In Fairfield County, CT, that can only mean one thing: Melt Mobile, the grilled cheese food truck, is hitting the road again! Owners Darlene Andersen and Diana Hall typically park their truck outside the Greenwich Library, but Melt Mobile is also available for private events ranging from corporate events to picnics and more. They cater to groups with a minimum of 50 and max out at 300.


This spring, New York Hilton Midtown will open its green rooftop to 450,000 honeybees for the second season in support of the declining honeybee population. It’s not just an environmental exercise; the bees make for a fun team-building experience and their honey is incorporated in the kitchen’s meals.

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