• “Pheel The Love” Explains the Importance of Love in Business

    FROM THE Winter 2017 ISSUE

Even and Tara Marcus, a husband-and-wife business team, founded DillionMarcus on a single idea: building world-class executive teams. With the release of his new book, “Pheel the Love,” cowritten by Tom Burgoyne, the Philly Phanatic for the past 27 years, Evan Marcus is adding a new dimension to DillonMarcus’ tagline. “We believe love is the path to building world-class organizations,” explains Marcus. 

The focus of “Pheel the Love” uses this idea as a template to emphasize that love is a powerful force that is necessary for businesses to foster joyful and loyal employees. “People put their whole person into their work. Work is very personal and this idea that we can treat people different just because it’s business is disingenuous,” Marcus says. “Somehow people think business has separate rules and somehow love wouldn’t apply for building greatness in organizations. The book is about seeing love as a core element of driving business success. It is right up there with all the other conventional drivers of organizations.” 

Burgoyne and Marcus are intentionally careful to develop a book that is genuine and pure when discussing love as a necessary element of business success. The structure of the book shifts between dialogues between the authors, anecdotes and stories. Burgoyne and Marcus decided this structure, especially the stories, would be appropriate because stories teach, tell and inspire, and allow the reader to relate to his or her own version of the story told. Both authors felt since this is how they would present the book at keynotes and conferences, that the inclusion of dialogues is an effective way to connect with the reader. 

“Our hope is people will get excited about this,” Marcus says. “They will get it and understand it in their hearts and minds, and eventually love will start making its way into mission statements, into boardroom conversations, strategy and tactics, and people will eventually understand the power that love has to build a great company.” 

Important concepts in the book Burgoyne and Marcus discuss include the DNA of Love, the seven principles of love and The Love 15, a series of questions to determine if a business operates with love. “Pheel the Love” was released on Oct. 4, 2016, and can be purchased via amazon.com.

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