• 3 Questions to Consider Before Investing in Event Photography

    FROM THE Fall 2014 ISSUE

HIRING A PHOTOGRAPHER to document a corporate event is often an afterthought, but several important details should be integrated into your proposal and budget from the beginning. Here’s what to consider when planning photography for your event:

1. What is your vision?
Prepare a timeline outlining the specifics of your event, highlight the elements and people you expect to be documented and communicate the intended need of those images to the photographer. 

Will you, for instance, need to submit select images to the media the day after the event? Create a list of intended uses and deadlines for your photographer so that time can be factored into the post-production plan before the need becomes urgent.

2. What are the logistics?
This should be broken down into several more questions: How many hours/days of coverage do you need? Are there events occurring simultaneously throughout the main event and are they housed in the same location? Are you willing to invest in a two-photographer package if it is logistically impossible for one photographer to cover everything you’d like covered?

Is your photographer coming from out of town to shoot your conference? It is best to book a room for your photographer in the hotel where the conference is taking place, allowing a safe place to store equipment and download cards throughout the day for backup.

Do you want to run a slideshow of images at the end of your event? Your photographer will most likely need to hire an assistant and bring additional technology to facilitate this request, so be sure to identify this possibility early on.

3. How much will it cost?
Since a photographer’s fee is broken into four parts, work with the photographer to find a solution that is best suited to your needs and budget:

  • Creative/Production Fee: the photographer’s time, expertise and judgment; preproduction/ post-production time.
  • Expenses: travel; consumables; equipment or prop rentals; fees paid to assistants; models and stylists.
  • Licensing Fees: based on the usage of the image. Rights cannot be shared or transferred.
  • Cancellation Fees

Natalie Napoleon Wi owns Allure West Studios, an innovative photography studio that specializes in images for brand identity, marketing/advertising, editorial and event/conference coverage. Contact her at Natalie@allurewest.com

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