There are some things about the Academy Awards we all know—someone will show up with a highly talked-about dress; Vanity Fair will host an epic after-party; and at least one speech will make you cry. But what about the behind-the-scenes info? The work that goes into creating arguably the biggest awards show of the year? We rounded up a list of facts you can tell your co-workers while dishing about this year’s winners (and losers). 

  1. All the statues are hand-crafted and molded at a factory in Chicago.
  2. It takes approximately 10 days to complete just one statue; around 50 are made each year.
  3. The 500-foot-long red carpet celebs walk to enter the Dolby Theater is flanked by two pillars that list the name of every Best Picture winner since the ceremony’s beginning. There is enough room to add winners through 2071.
  4. More than 350 crew members are on staff during the ceremony.
  5. In 1938, the Oscars were canceled due to rain and flooding. The ceremony took place a week later, but had far fewer attendees—even the host, George Jessel didn’t show up.
  6. The event originally was a untelevised banquet in which attendees already knew the winners as they had been announced three months earlier.
  7. PricewaterhouseCooper, the organization that leads the Oscar ballot team and seals the envelopes containing winners, memorizes them in case something happens to the envelopes.
  8. A full dress rehearsal takes place the night before the Oscars and noon on the day of.
  9. The Dolby Theatre is the 10th different venue in which the Oscars have been held.
  10. Originally an unremarkable hallway, the Winners’ Walk attendees pass through to the press room is framed with photos of past Oscar winners. 

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