• Beyond the Border: Capella St. Lucia

    Cure the Winter Blues with the Lush Greens of St. Lucia.

    FROM THE Winter 2018 ISSUE
  • Beyond the Border: Capella St. Lucia

    Cure the Winter Blues with the Lush Greens of St. Lucia.

    FROM THE Winter 2018 ISSUE

Imagine a place where lush green mountains rise out of the azure sea. A place of great beauty that inspired the French and the English to battle over it more times than you can count on two hands. A place where the smiles are as warm as the gentle breezes. Does this seem like a dream? No … it’s St. Lucia. This Caribbean paradise is home to a variety of resorts but Capella Marigot Bay leads the pack with its breezy elegance and secluded location on Marigot Bay. Mega-yachts and sailboats line the bay, renowned for its tranquility even during hurricanes. It’s not just a favorite spot of sailors … novelist James Michener called Marigot Bay “the most beautiful bay in the Caribbean.” 

“When you think of St. Lucia, you think of the Pitons, but Marigot Bay is special,” says Lisa Samuel, Caribbean sales manager at Capella Resorts. “It was a safe haven during the many wars between the French and English. It’s where people come to weather the storm during hurricanes. It’s an iconic location.” Stacked in the hills above this storied spot is the Capella Marigot Bay, where 124 rooms are nestled inside a series of plantationstyle structures. The accommodations blend the clean lines of modern design with an inimitable tropical flair. Case in point? A blue starfish hangs from the doorknob as a signal to housekeeping to return later. 

There are just seven resorts in the Capella collection, but this exclusive portfolio packs a powerful punch. The collection was established by Horst Schulze of Ritz-Carlton fame, so expect superior levels of attention to detail. The little touches are everywhere—from the Capella concierge at the airport who greets you with a freshly scented towel and sends you on the road with a ginger cookie in hand to the handwritten notes with inspirational quotes left by housekeeping. Indeed, the spirit is very gracious here, where great care is taken to ensure the right people are accepted into the team. “We are focused on getting the right fit here,” explains Samuel. Each guest is provided a personal assistant who ensures that his or her stay is not only meeting expectations, but exceeding them. “Whether a guest comes here to relax or as part of a group, our assistants help them with everything from private culinary experiences to island adventures,” she says. 

Capella Marigot Bay has a 24-hour fitness center with a yoga and Pilates deck, as well as the intimate Signature Auriga Spa, where therapies are inspired by the phases of the moon and indigenous products, including coconut oil and nutmeg, are incorporated into the healing treatments. The Treehouse, offering outdoor treatments recommended from January through March, is a unique space to indulge in a massage. “Capella is all about the amenities,” says Samuel. “We have no resort fee. We don’t charge for the buckets of ice and water at the pool and we provide in-room beverages at no cost. We even have complimentary tastes— from fruit skewers to tuna tartar—every hour from noon until 4 p.m. at the pool.”

While you could easily never leave the confines of this luxurious enclave, activities are part and parcel of this resort’s experience. “Maybe one day you arrange a catamaran sail to the Pitons for your group, relax in the mud baths and then have a beach barbecue,” says Samuel. From catered events at nearby villas to snorkeling and fishing boat charters and visits to the National Park, Capella’s staff excels at designing a program that fits with your meeting’s agenda. 

Capella’s wish-granting extends to events, where groups are invited to select from a variety of both indoor and outdoor settings. The Boudreau room has floor-to-ceiling windows, wood floors, views of the mountain and space for up to 80, while the breezy 2,800-square-foot Palm Pavilion has space for up to 200. Fancy an al fresco cocktail hour? The staff will transform the pool decks just for your group. 

The resort has four restaurants: the poolside Brut Bar serves lunch; the Grill hosts breakfast and dinner; the Rum Cave welcomes guests at lunch and dinner, and the Hurricane Hole, located at the marina, features all-day dining. “There are three other restaurants in the bay, if groups want to do a dine-around to experience different cuisines and settings,” says Samuel. Be sure to book a private rum tasting in the Rum Cave for a sweet sip of the St. Lucian good life.  

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