Do you ever find that it’s hard to take off your work hat to truly unwind? I don’t know whether it’s a hazard of the job or I just really like what I do, but I seem to find story ideas wherever I go. Case in point? Last weekend, I was having a lazy Sunday afternoon and decided to take the kids to Brick Farm Market in Hopewell, NJ. It’s a cute place if you haven’t been. A local couple took over an abandoned car dealership and refashioned it as a farmer’s market/café. There’s a cheese stand and a butcher shop upstairs, while downstairs has coffee, a bakery, and a café counter where you can order delicious burgers, sandwiches, quiches, and more.

As I sat outside munching on my chicken pita sandwich (and maybe stealing a few fries from my kids), I saw the most adorable truck – the Sprouts truck. It’s a 1950s VW pickup that’s been retooled to have a flat back that holds multiple buckets of flowers. It might just be the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. They were selling farm flowers arranged in mason jars and galvanized tin buckets, but it would make a darling centerpiece at an event. Imagine instead of a food truck that you have a flower truck filled with country blooms? They offer floral design for events, weekly and monthly flower subscriptions (my birthday is coming up soon!) and more. Check it out here.

It isn’t solely up to the entertainer. The planner, venue and production company are all part of the equation. 


Did you know that April is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month?! In Fairfield County, CT, that can only mean one thing: Melt Mobile, the grilled cheese food truck, is hitting the road again! Owners Darlene Andersen and Diana Hall typically park their truck outside the Greenwich Library, but Melt Mobile is also available for private events ranging from corporate events to picnics and more. They cater to groups with a minimum of 50 and max out at 300.