You’ve seen free-fall stunts pulled off in the movies, and now Thrillz entertainment center is inviting you to experience the same exhilarating action firsthand. From 3D climbing walls, 70 feet of zip lines and a giant rotating sweeper, to a 360-degree virtual reality roller coaster and an Indiana Jones-style rolling log, the park offers something for both the young and the young at heart.

For an event like no other, the 70,000-square-foot facility houses a variety of activities that invite guests to experience the sense of free-falling from two-story obstacles onto giant stuntman airbags. Test your mettle on a swinging circus trapeze, or jump and dodge a giant sweeper, all while completely unharnessed and guided by Thrillz team leaders the entire time.

“We knew we had developed a game changing experience,” says co-founder Lisa Cannon. The lack of a harness really captures the feeling of free falling. “A lot of team activities are boring, this really gives you an opportunity to laugh at, or with, each other in a unique bonding experience.”

Lower impact activities include ax-throwing, giant dodgeball and wireless laser tag—a favorite among groups.

Thrillz offers groups a truly unique and rewarding experience. “An engaged workforce is a productive workforce; corporate events enhance synergy in the workplace by placing employees in an environment where they must rely on one another,” says Cannon. Every group event is customizable, providing the option to choose from two or three activities, as well as catering for any of Thrillz’ large meeting and event rooms. Pricing varies on your choice of “fly time,” while other attractions start at a set rate as low as $5 per person.


Kevin Hubschmann is a New Jersey-based comedian who has been making people laugh for most of his life. But after not finding as many opportunities to perform live even before the pandemic, he started hosting popup comedy shows in New York City in 2019 under the business name Laugh.Events (pronounced Laugh Dot Events).


Unprecedented times call for strategic measures. With so many planners wondering how best to plan for the event-specific challenges posed by COVID- 19, industry leaders and top associations have stepped up to offer a road map with trainings on everything from cleaning protocols to new contract clauses.


Lake life provides a kind of tranquility and beauty that can’t be replicated. Often, it accompanies a woodsy cabin on the water, but in the Finger Lakes, luxury and lake life pair perfectly at The Lake House on Canandaigua. World-class amenities and a residentially inspired design throughout the building bring a sense of comfort to visitors, as well as the title as one of the “most anticipated hotel openings of 2020” by Vogue magazine.