• The Campbell Unveils its Impressive Renovation

    An Iconic Grand Central Venue

    FROM THE Summer 2018 ISSUE

Rumor has it Mr. Campbell, the namesake of The Campbell, used to sit in his boxers before his guests arrived so his pants wouldn’t get wrinkled. That meticulous attention to every detail has been carried on throughout the iconic spot’s history, and the recent renovation is no exception. Walking through The Campbell’s doors makes you feel as if the Roaring ‘20s never died, but now the venue comes complete with modern amenities.

“The restoration is honestly spectacular. We managed to upgrade the bar while remaining true to the integrity of the space, allowing guests to see and experience the space the way it is supposed to be,” says Haley Silvers, junior account executive. “Outside of the physical features and lavishness of the space, guests love the better lighting and sound that came with the renovation. The vibe that is created by the great staff, service, cocktails and food is loved too!”

Mr. Campbell’s private office is now the main bar and features opulent décor, a coffered ceiling and a stone-faced fireplace. Smaller, more private spaces are available as well. The Campbell Palm Court is an intimate bar area, and a former taxi stand, named the The Campbell Terrace, is now a luxurious lounge area. Both spaces are perfect for more intimate affairs.  

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