Cape May

Camp-Style Retreats are Ideal for Team-Building in the Great Outdoors


Team-building is an essential part of getting colleagues to work together better. By taking on a fun out-of-the-office activity, employees can view one another in a different light and connect in a setting outside of work.

The purpose of a team-building exercise is for people to learn how to think about the implications of these activities at their workplace and apply them for better production in a closer environment. 

South Jersey Marina Offers Scenic Teambuilding Opportunities

Located on the southern tip of the New Jersey peninsula in Cape May, South Jersey Marina offers offshore team-building activities for companies and groups that come to the area for conferences and meetings. Groups can rent charter boats, with six people on each boat, and sail offshore to get a tour of the unique area. Groups also have the option to dolphin or bird watch and, of course, fish. “There is nothing that builds teamwork better than sport fishing,” says Marketing Director Mark Allen.

The Jersey Shore is a Hot Spot for Beach Meetings

For event planning that feels more like a holiday and less like a day at the office, consider a dramatic change in venue. What captures the spirit of getting away better than the sparkling place where land meets ocean? Why not swap the sounds of traffic and ringing phones for the lull of waves lapping the shore? If it has been too long since you’ve dug your toes into the warm sand, it might be high time to look toward the shore. Home to venues with unique offerings, it’s the ideal locale for your next event.

Get Reeled in at Scrumptious Seafood Spots

With its proximity to the water, New Jersey commercial fishermen regularly reel in more than 100 million pounds of fish and shellfish each year, which is why so many seafood restaurants thrive in the state. For those looking to enjoy the freshest catch in the company of friends and colleagues, many of these seafood restaurants offer private dining space for groups and parties.

More than Lobster

Cape May Offers Historic and Quaint Charm

TRAVEL AS FAR SOUTH on the Garden State Parkway as possible and you’ll happen upon Exit 0, otherwise known as Cape May. Hugging the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean at the very southern tip of New Jersey, Cape May is a National Historic Landmark that preserves its Victorian heritage and pristine beaches. Just 2.5 square miles, tiny Cape May offers a rich variety of formal and fun. It may be a short road trip from New York or Philadelphia, but quaint Cape May is worlds apart from the hustle and bustle.

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