• Enjoy the View at Pittsburgh Botanic Garden

    Smell the Roses

    FROM THE Summer 2018 ISSUE

Recently opened in May 2015, the 460- acre Pittsburgh Botanic Garden has transformed 60 acres of land that was once mined, logged and farmed into a beautiful garden for all sorts of events. Perfect for those that enjoy a nice view, the Botanic Garden offers guided tours of the 2.5 miles of gardens, woodlands and attractions like the award-winning Lotus Pond, the Margaret Lawrence Simon Dogwood Meadow and the historic Heritage Homestead. The conference room features a long table, chairs, monitoring screen, a conference phone and a capacity of up to 30 people. There are a number of catering options ranging from buffet or sit-down meals to food trucks.  

Sister properties shine in the Dominican Republic.


Recently, planners have been eager to engage event attendees with nontraditional venue spaces. One increasingly popular idea is implementing music venues as an event space option. These various venues enhance the setting and atmosphere of events creating an intriguing space.