Musikfest Reveals Bright Signage

Musikfest recently unveiled its official 2015 festival artwork, and the results are bright, vibrant and enticing. The work showcases the Lehigh Valley region’s history as well as the festival’s unique past.

Brian Barto, an Emmaus, Pa. native, created the graphic illustration based off of signage found throughout the Lehigh Valley region. He also tied in unique aspects of the festival itself.

Pleasantville Recreation Center to Host LAM Foundation Event

Known for hosting local charity events, The Pleasantville Recreation Center will open its doors Aug. 2 on behalf of the LAM Foundation. The event, called Zumbathon LAM Jam, will be led by local Zumba instructors and strives to raise awareness for the progressive lung disease lymphangioleiomyomatosis.

Everyone who participates will receive a "Breath of Hope" wristband, which is the motto for the LAM Foundation. T-shirts will also be for sale, and all proceeds benefit LAM, which supports research for safe and effective treatments for the disease.


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