• Five Questions for the New 5 Wits, Plymouth Meeting with John Pandiscio, Director of Marketing & Advertising

    POSTED November 1, 2017

Q. What is 5 Wits?

5 Wits is an immersive entertainment experience where players feel like action heroes in their own film or video game. It is named after all five senses, which, when activated, made an adventure more realistic. Players work together as a team to solve a series of fun physical challenges and puzzles. Along the way, they interact with computer-controlled special effects, like a collapsing ceiling or a fire-breathing dragon that emerges from the walls of a medieval castle. Their responses determine how the adventure unfolds. Resulting in a different experience each time. 5 Wits was recently voted one of the Top 5 Escape Room in the country by readers of USA Today.

Q. What inspired this business idea?

5 Wits founder and CEO, Matt DuPlessie, always wanted to be James Bond or Indiana Jones when he was a kid. After doing design and construction for big theme parks in Florida, he decided to take the best parts from movies, video games, theater, and theme parks, and shrink it all down to fit in a storefront, so everyone would get a chance to be the hero in their own adventure. People yearn for experiences that are authentic and convincing – this is what 5 Wits delivers.

Q. What does the experience look and feel like for a corporate group?

Players must work together as a team to solve a series of fun physical challenges and puzzles. Their responses determine how each adventure unfolds, which can result in a different experience for different teams. Players bond over their collective experience of facing down an angry Egyptian pharaoh, dodging security lasers or creeping through a medieval castle inhabited by a dragon. 5 Wits is also personally empowering, because EACH participant gets to BE the hero in his or her own action film or video game.

Q. What makes this different than other team-building experiences?

The high level of realism, the quality of the special effects, the physical immersion in the adventures, and the compelling storytelling are all factors that distinguish 5 Wits from other team-building experiences in general, and from other escape rooms in particular. We take the excitement of your favorite adventure movie, your best puzzle board game, your most

challenging video game, and make it REAL, with each guest literally, physically immersed in the story. Up from your desk or conference table, get hands-on at 5 Wits – success or failure depends on you!

Q. Why did you pick this location?

Plymouth Meeting Mall is a very good fit for the 5 Wits brand of entertainment. It has a diverse tenant mix, a large suburban population base, and numerous nearby office parks. The realism and special effects of 5 Wits make it a unique entertainment destination for this area.