Vintage is in! These days, companies and consumers alike are straddling the popular quirky vintage vibe with a modern, sleek aesthetic. For those finding themselves in this predicament when it comes to planning events, a food & beverage service on wheels may be the perfect solution.

With an event of almost any kind, food and drinks play an integral role. So much so that many mobile food stations become the central gathering point at any event they service. For the Bubble Brothers Prosecco Van and Get Cozy Vintage Mobile Bars, their authentic and memorable experiences have brought people together to interact with one other, all over food and drinks on wheels.

The mobile design, function, and service is perfect for an event as small as a few dozen to festivals of thousands. The Bubble Brothers have been utilizing a 2002 Piaggio Ape Prosecco van since they brought their UK-based business to New York in early 2019, while Get Cozy has acquired an array of one-of-a-kind vintage vehicles, from 1950s caravan campers to Piaggio Ape mini trucks, since their founding in 2015. On the outside, each vehicle is beautifully designed to perfectly balance feelings of class and coziness. Inside, Bubble Brothers has sparkling wine and spritz cocktails on tap, all served by a personable bartender. Get Cozy designs the vehicle’s inner contents based on the client’s wishes and nature of the event, but in the past have provided everything from alcoholic drinks, coffee, and kombucha to cotton candy and s’mores.

For planners looking to incorporate a mobile bar into their event, if you can dream it, these mobile bars can make it happen.
Private hire pricing for Bubble Brothers’ services start around $2,000, while average rentals for Get Cozy start at $1,250 and run in the range of $2,000, all while including drop-off, pickup, bartending, and personalization of food. Clients can make their experience one that is truly original and all their own.

Whether the food & beverage on wheels  is the focal point or an informal element of your event, it will surely be admired and enjoyed. The classic upscale offerings of Bubble Brothers and Get Cozy pair perfectly with the vintage tinge of the overall experience and is one that is sure to be enjoyed by any who catch it rolling by.

Kevin Hubschmann is a New Jersey-based comedian who has been making people laugh for most of his life. But after not finding as many opportunities to perform live even before the pandemic, he started hosting popup comedy shows in New York City in 2019 under the business name Laugh.Events (pronounced Laugh Dot Events).


The spirit of the French Riviera has found a home in the Rockaways. At Bar Marseille, French bistro classics, Provencal cocktails and plenty of seafood pair with views of the ocean, emulating the Mediterranean port city that the establishment was named after.


Just like the rest of the world, the hospitality and travel industries slammed to a halt when the pandemic hit last March. Some sectors within them had built-in solutions to focus on, such as hotels limiting capacities and restaurants focusing on takeout and delivery. But for many businesses within the related meetings and events realm, there were no natural alternatives to turn to.