When attending a conference became synonymous with staying at home, companies had to determine a new way to leave an impression on attendees. As the choice of venue, decor, and many other physical elements of in-person events were no longer contenders, co-owners Susan Turnock and Heather Arak-Kanofsky of Gifts for the Good Life knew that they could supply the part that still makes an impact.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Pennsylvania-based creative agency has been ideating, creating, and mailing branded swag and gifts across the country to the homes of virtual events attendees and more.

“It must have struck a chord, because it has really kept us very busy, luckily… I think you still have to connect with people, and the only way to right now is through mailers. I’m sure that will change again soon—well hopefully, in some way—but we can always be thinking one step ahead,” says Turnock.

Although Gifts for the Good Life makes all kinds of swag items for specialty corporate clients, they pivoted to focus on mailers and kits throughout the pandemic. As of September, Gifts for the Good Life was sending out close to 500 boxes per week. Each client’s box is extremely tailored to the brand and occasion, whether it is for a company empowering work-from-home employees with phone holders and lights for livestreaming on Zoom calls, or sending virtual events attendees notebooks and engraved pencils to help engage them in the day’s programming.

Whether boxes are sent out for virtual events or to encourage attendees during extended work-from-home policies, Gifts for the Good Life delivers— literally and creatively.

“We’re just an extension of the brand and take it seriously. And that’s something we’re well versed in doing,” says Turnock.

These thoughtful mailers can serve as a tactile reminder to virtual events attendees and work-from-home employees during the pandemic that they’re valued and appreciated.

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