• Learn How to Make a Sweet Treat with Bucket & Bay Gelato Co.

    FROM THE Fall 2016 ISSUE

Bucket & Bay Gelato Co. is in the business of providing treats for everyone. Its team of Scoopistas explains how the gelato is made and offers samples so each customer is able to have the best and most delicious gelato experience. But this shop is more than just an afternoon trip to treat yourself. “Our open space changes and you can always see what’s going on. Each visit can be different,” says Boris Kavlakov, who owns the company with his wife, Jen.

The shop also offers gelato-making classes that are open to the public or private events for a team-building activity from 10 to 20 people. Private events include hands-on participation, a demonstration and gelato sample, which can add an element of mystery if the client requests a guided blind tasting. Participants will also learn how to make gelato and taste their freshly churned creations, receive a gelato booklet filled with information on the making process, and ingredients. Ingredients are picked with care; Bucket & Bay only uses raw brown sugar and organic milk from cows with a 100-percent grass-fed diet, which makes the milk richer in nutrients. Flavors change seasonally and are handcrafted. 

Retreats and off-site meetings present wonderful opportunities for groups to collaborate, strategize and build relationships away from their normal office environments. With proper planning, these sessions can be highly effective and even pivotal in setting a new direction. However, off-sites may present some unforeseen challenges that can quickly deflate the energy in the room if not anticipated and addressed in advance.


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