• Lille Syster Paper Flowers Give Floral Arrangements a New Twist

    FROM THE Fall 2016 ISSUE

Flowers that never go bad? Yep, you heard it here. Instead of fresh flowers for your next event, try Lille Syster Paper Flower Arrangements. These handmade beauties are made to last and are crafted out of paper! While planning to host her little sister’s bridal shower, owner Katie Antonson was searching for unique decorations, but couldn’t find anything that quite fit the bill, so she made her own. “After experimenting with many kinds of decorations ... the paper flower garlands were born,” Antonson says. Once the flowers were a big hit at the shower, her sister wanted the fun paper creations at the wedding as well. It was then Antonson began to build her brand, Lille Syster, which means little sister in Swedish, and in 2013, Antonson left her teaching career to make her brand a full-time gig.

“Each Lille Syster arrangement begins with color. I let the color tell the story and build the flowers around that story. Each petal is cut by hand and formed into a beautiful paper flower,” Antonson says. Made by one of the first paper florists in the U.S., arrangements are for all events, including corporate events and meetings. “They create a stir when people first see them. In addition, they are great as takeaways ... raffle them off at the end of the event, or even use them for another event,” she adds. “We can also incorporate logos and branding into each arrangement.”

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Get ready for fall with this seasonally appropriate cocktail. Corgi Spirits, an independent small-batch distillery located in Jersey City, has hosted a variety of private events including corporate parties; catering is BYO. The Lounge—a plush drinking parlor—is spacious yet cozy and the entire tasting room can be rented to accommodate larger groups.

—1.5 oz. Corgi Spirits Pembroke Gin
—3 oz. fresh apple cider
—0.25 oz. ginger simple syrup*
—3 thyme sprigs
—thyme sprig for garnish