Long Branch

Restaurant Recommendation: Dine By the Sea at Long Branch's Avenue


When you think of the Jersey shore it’s not often that France comes to mind, but Long Branch’s Avenue looks and feels like a fresh French breeze. The restaurant sits right on the boardwalk overlooking the beach and Atlantic Ocean. Inside, the décor is Atlantic-themed (take one look at that 25-foot bar inspired by the hull of a ship and there’s no doubt you’re at the beach). Floor-to-ceiling windows frame views of the ocean.

Local Wine Bars Hit the Spot for Meetings and Events

You don't need the knowledge of a sommelier to enjoy a fine glass of wine, and in New Jersey, you don’t even need to go to a vineyard or upscale restaurant to try different varieties, as there are numerous wine bars throughout the state offering hundreds of selections.

For those looking to add a little elegance to their meetings or events, a wine bar is the perfect venue. Here are six spots pouring terrific wine in inviting spaces.

The Jersey Shore is a Hot Spot for Beach Meetings

For event planning that feels more like a holiday and less like a day at the office, consider a dramatic change in venue. What captures the spirit of getting away better than the sparkling place where land meets ocean? Why not swap the sounds of traffic and ringing phones for the lull of waves lapping the shore? If it has been too long since you’ve dug your toes into the warm sand, it might be high time to look toward the shore. Home to venues with unique offerings, it’s the ideal locale for your next event.

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