• Meet Dawn Repoli, Wonder Woman

    FROM THE Spring 2019 ISSUE

    WINiT Vice President Dawn Repoli leads her team through exciting changes with GBTA.

Dawn Repoli joined WINiT, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting women in travel-related industries, six months after it launched and has played a central role in its establishment. Now, four and a half years later, she’s guiding WINiT through the momentous transition of being acquired by the Global Business Travel Organization (GBTA).

Although Repoli’s responsibilities may change, the foundation of her work remains the same: She evaluates where WINiT stands and identifies the steps it needs to take to reach its goals. This involves the close management of many different people, programs and initiatives. To stay focused, Repoli relies on compartmentaliz - ing, steady scheduling, Google docs, Post-it notes and regular exercise.

“I always run through a daily list: people first. Then events, programs, operations, new ideas, funding and then back to the beginning again,” Repoli says. In addition to being the first concern on her to-do list, people fuel Repoli’s passion for her work. WINiT, she explains, empowers the indi - vidual in order to elevate companies and travel-related industries.

“I believe in looking at an opportunity holistically. To be able to move the needle for women on a personal and global level is something I find extremely rewarding.”

Repoli cherishes working with her small yet highly productive team to make a posi - tive impact on the lives of women working in travel-related industries. She’s happy to report that GBTA’s recent acquisition of WINiT allows her to spend even more time supporting and connecting with her team.

“Because WINiT is now a business unit within GBTA, I am able to give more atten - tion to creating professional development resources and programs and put even more focus on the people who comprise the WINiT network,” Repoli says.

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