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Guide to Eating House-Made Italian Cooking

Chances are you know someone who insists that her grandmother makes the best gravy or pasta sauce. After all, New Jersey is home to more than 2 million Italian descendants, and it’s probably no coincidence that there’s no shortage of Italian restaurants in the state. For a sampling of some of the best for private dining, read on. Buon appetito!

Food Trucks Bring the Party to You

FOOD TRUCKS ARE THE HOTTEST THING TO HIT THE FOOD INDUSTRY SINCE, well, sliced bread. Once the domain of a dirty hot dog, today’s food trucks are gourmet kitchens on wheels. Food truck festivals, such as the Winter Blast held in Secaucus prior to Super Bowl XLVIII, draw huge crowds of hungry fans seeking to sample everything from classic American comfort food and Asian street food to sugary confections. Now that summer is here, save a spot in your parking lot or on a grassy patch and have your next event roll right in.

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