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Take Meetings on the Road with Bearing

Trekking from Newark to Boston is typically lost time, but not when you’re traveling with Bearing. Complete with boardrooms, meeting space, a front cabin, Wi-Fi and seating for up to 14, Bearing vehicles offer a way to make the most of travel hours. “Bearing is doing to in-region travel what the private jet did to continental travel,” says John McDermott, managing partner and CEO. Each vehicle comes fully prepped for each unique client and there is only one customer per vehicle, per day.

Mobile Museum Takes New Jersey Hall of Fame on the Road

WHEN IS THE LAST TIME A MUSEUM collection actually came to you? Probably never, but that’s about to change. The New Jersey Mobile Museum brings the New Jersey Hall of Fame anywhere in the Garden State. “We bring the museum to you,” says Lisa Fielding, partnership director at the New Jersey Hall of Fame.

The Year of the Dragon

It’s true that often the unexpected winds up being the most memorable. Case in point? While attending an ISES meeting a few months ago, I was introduced to dragon popcorn.

When I heard they were serving dragon popcorn, I assumed it meant the popcorn was seasoned with a kick, but instead, this popcorn is cold. Yes, you definitely read that correctly - cold. It’s cold popcorn infused with different flavors. The taste is surprising, but what’s even more exciting is the presentation.

It's National Travel and Tourism Week!

The first full week of May is annually recognized as National Travel and Tourism Week, meaning May 3 - May 11 is the time to celebrate our industry! Since it was first established in 1984, the U.S. travel community has marked the event in a number of ways including staging local rallies and conducting media outreach, and hosting localized events in cities, states and travel businesses nationwide to promote the power of travel.

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