• MeetingMogul Makes Complicated Conference Calls a Thing of the Past

    POSTED April 20, 2016

Taking conference calls on the road can be difficult. Finding old emails with the dialup information, memorizing the phone numbers and entrance codes, making sure you have access to the right conference call service…it can all be too much to handle away from your desk. That’s where MeetingMogul comes in.

Formerly known as Conferencia, this year-old app helps you simplify and streamline your conference call connection. All you have to do is install the app, and you’re good to connect to any call with a single tap on your screen. Whether the call is through GoTo Meeting, WebEx, or Free Conference Call, MeetingMogul has you covered.

But that’s not all this app can do. MeetingMogul allows users to contact call participants through a group text or email, using predefined or custom messages including a running late notification and an inquiry to make sure the call is still taking place. The app can record voice notes against any call and collaboratively share notes of all kind instantly between meeting participants. MeetingMogul is also able to compile all related emails, team notes and CRM data to easily share between the group.

The agenda view automatically pulls events and calls from your personal calendar and compiles them into a daily schedule on the app. This keeps everyone updated and organized with synced lists of all upcoming calls and meetings.

Users can make the conference call process even more streamlined by customizing their app. MeetingMogul participants can add frequently called groups or individuals as favorites and can add customized dialing sequences to cater to odd conference calls with unusual dial in patterns. Notifications and reminders can also be set up so no one is ever late to a call.

Additionally, MeetingMogul can help cut down on the cost of conference calls because it supports the use of calling cards and WiFi hotspots to avoid roaming charges.

Available on the App Store or on Google Play, MeetingMogul is supported on both iOS and Android devices. 

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