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Meet Mary Ann Brewer, In The Company of Horses

Mary Ann Brewer always wanted a horse. “I had that typical Black Beauty fantasy of falling in love with a horse and riding off into the sunset,” she says with a laugh. Brewer fulfilled her dream in 1990, but with a fulltime job and three boys to raise, it was far from the stuff of the movies. “I had so many questions: Who is this horse and how can we get stuff done together?” she says. She soon learned that most of the suggestions inflicted pain on the horse: “Whips, bits, spurs … I thought, ‘There must be a better way!’”

How Pharma Meeting Planners Adapt to Changing Demands

Nearly half the people in the U.S. take at least one prescription medicine each day, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A study from IMS Health Holdings Inc. found that in 2014 alone, $374 billion was spent on those medications. With New Jersey’s status as home to many pharmaceutical companies— including 14 of the world’s 20 largest—it is no secret that this special sector drives the local meeting and planning business.

Top Event Designers Reflect on the Latest Trends You Should Try

With ever-changing shifts in decorating styles and introductions of new technology, event planners are continually thinking outside the box to bring us exciting experiences. In general, these new developments will help event planners and party hosts enhance their creativity and engage guests. As expectations continue to grow, attendees want to see more of the wow-factor experiences. To achieve this, every element of an event must be individually tailored to help create a cohesive theme.

Food Tours Take Eating on the Road

It's always fun to try new restaurants and get a taste of new flavors, and thanks to a host of food tours throughout New Jersey, you can whet your appetite with numerous culinary delights in one single day. ¶ Food tours are more than just a chance for great food; they are cultural walking adventures that engage all of the senses with history, architecture and local lore. They also o er groups an interactive way to bond and nosh at the same time.

That’s Italian

Savor Borgata: one resort, a world of eating opportunities

When is the last time you pow-wowed with Bobby Flay, made pies with a former White House pastry chef or watched as Wolfgang Puck personally sliced lamb for your dinner plate? If you’re a fan of the Food Network or just love to eat, the two-day Savor Borgata food festival is a can’t-miss event. “Savor Borgata really is a onestop shop where in one night you can see Geoffrey Zakarian and Bobby Flay and have a great dining experience,” says Becky Schultz, vice president of food and beverage at Borgata.

Indulge in Sweet Delight's Bespoke Treats

Maria Zeballos crafts her art not with paint or pencil, but with sugar. Zeballos, a native of Ecuador, started her company Sweet Delight in Pennington after friends and family encouraged her to share her creations with others. “I started two years ago with a few flyers and by giving samples,” she says. Word has quickly spread about this confectionery artist who creates full-size cakes, cake pops, mini cakes, cupcakes and cookies with any theme imaginable. From flowers painstakingly made by hand to specific themes and logos, Zeballos can create whatever a client needs.

Jersey Spirits Distilling Co. Open for Tours and Tastings

John Granata and Susan Lord spent the last five years traveling to wineries and craft breweries around the country, and while enjoying a few sips at an intimate distillery in Utah in 2013, the two decided to give it a try in New Jersey. “We thought, this seems manageable,” says John Granata, “and it planted a seed.” They found the prefect spot in an industrial park in Fairfield and opened Jersey Spirits Distilling Co. in August 2015.

Take Meetings on the Road with Bearing

Trekking from Newark to Boston is typically lost time, but not when you’re traveling with Bearing. Complete with boardrooms, meeting space, a front cabin, Wi-Fi and seating for up to 14, Bearing vehicles offer a way to make the most of travel hours. “Bearing is doing to in-region travel what the private jet did to continental travel,” says John McDermott, managing partner and CEO. Each vehicle comes fully prepped for each unique client and there is only one customer per vehicle, per day.


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