• New Venue Spotlight: Hopewell Playhouse Renovations

    FROM THE Fall 2016 ISSUE

    Playing to the business crowd

The Hopewell Playhouse, where Off-Broadstreet Theatre produces, has a storied past. It first opened in 1940 as a movie theater, was once the home to Mirror of America (part of the Gallup organization) and then operated as a dessert theater for many years under the guidance of Julie and Robert Thick. The Thicks still manage the theater, which was bought in 2012 and recently underwent a partial renovation. The same stage that lights up at night and on the weekends with performances and entertainment is ideal for corporate meetings and conferences during the week. The two-level theater has seating both upstairs and down, but most of the seating is cabaret-style, which translates to a completely adaptable space. “We can accommodate 140 at tables downstairs for an event,” says Julie. “If you’re hosting a lecture and want traditional seats, between up and down we can handle about 200 people.” In addition to the theater itself, the renovation added a private event space that is suitable for a boardroom-style event for up to 15. 

Retreats and off-site meetings present wonderful opportunities for groups to collaborate, strategize and build relationships away from their normal office environments. With proper planning, these sessions can be highly effective and even pivotal in setting a new direction. However, off-sites may present some unforeseen challenges that can quickly deflate the energy in the room if not anticipated and addressed in advance.


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Highfive’s premium service is equipped with a 4K HDR Dolby camera and a high-fidelity audio microphone powered by Dolby Voice. With a CPU built into the camera, setup is easy and requires customers to place the camera on top of the television or on a wall mount.  


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