• New Venue Spotlight: Hopewell Playhouse Renovations

    Playing to the business crowd

    FROM THE Fall 2016 ISSUE

The Hopewell Playhouse, where Off-Broadstreet Theatre produces, has a storied past. It first opened in 1940 as a movie theater, was once the home to Mirror of America (part of the Gallup organization) and then operated as a dessert theater for many years under the guidance of Julie and Robert Thick. The Thicks still manage the theater, which was bought in 2012 and recently underwent a partial renovation. The same stage that lights up at night and on the weekends with performances and entertainment is ideal for corporate meetings and conferences during the week. The two-level theater has seating both upstairs and down, but most of the seating is cabaret-style, which translates to a completely adaptable space. “We can accommodate 140 at tables downstairs for an event,” says Julie. “If you’re hosting a lecture and want traditional seats, between up and down we can handle about 200 people.” In addition to the theater itself, the renovation added a private event space that is suitable for a boardroom-style event for up to 15. 

When it’s time to take a break from the meeting room, hit the slopes. 


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