SG Worldwide Delivers Wine and Spirits from India

SG Worldwide has only been in the United States for the past two years, but it’s taking the East Coast wine and spirits industry by storm. Based in Edison, SG Worldwide imports wine and spirits from India. In just two years SG Worldwide, with Bobby Garg as president and CEO, has distributed products to New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Washington, D.C. and California, with plans to reach every state.

SG Worldwide prides itself on its Magic Moments Vodka, the 19th best-selling vodka in the world. Exceptionally smooth, Magic Moments is gluten free, made from rice and comes in unique flavors from chocolate to lemongrass ginger. Wine from Grover Vineyards in India is also currently being distributed in 10-12 U.S. states.

“In 2015, sales increased from 2014 by 100 percent and we are confident that 2016 will produce even better sales as the products become better known throughout the country,” explains Bruce Newman, sales and marketing director. The products are produced at Radico in India, the seventh biggest distillery in the world, and then are distributed to more than 60 countries. By the end of 2016, SG Worldwide hopes to be distributing to more than 1,000 stores in New Jersey and surrounding states.