—1.75 oz. Barrell Rye Batch #2
—.5 oz. Averna
—.5 oz. Punt E Mes
—.5 oz. Vicario Cherry liqueur
—glass: martini or Nick & Nora
—garnish: cherry

Add all ingredients to mixing glass filled with ice. Stir and pour into a Nick and Nora or martini glass. Garnish with a cherry on a skewer.

Located in Columbia Street Waterfront, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Brooklyn, The Longshoreman’s eponymous signature drink takes a twist on the cocktail named for Kings County. The Brooklyn, which is made of rye, amaro and dry vermouth, was made originally as a twist on the classic Manhattan. The Longshoreman swaps the dry vermouth with a sweet vermouth to round out the flavors and gives allegiance to the original Manhattan cocktail.

The Longshoreman gives drinkers a subtle hint of spice from the rye, a fruit-forward sweetness from the Vicario Cherry mixing with the Punt E Mes, and herbaceous notes from the Averna amaro. Classic Manhattan drinkers instantly fall in love with this amped up twist on a well-known classic.

The Longshoreman is one of a few cocktails that have a permanent home on the restaurant’s menu through the changing seasons. The bar team works together every couple of months to bring seasonal craft beverages but have also been trained to create cocktails on request by asking for guests’ flavor preferences (i.e. bitter, spicy, smoky, herbaceous, etc.). Personalized beverages have become so popular that the team has built them into its private events beverage packages.

The spirit of the French Riviera has found a home in the Rockaways. At Bar Marseille, French bistro classics, Provencal cocktails and plenty of seafood pair with views of the ocean, emulating the Mediterranean port city that the establishment was named after.



—2 oz. Bulleit Bourbon

—.5 oz. Sandeman 10-year tawny port

—1 bar spoon smoked maple syrup

—3 dashes Angostura bitters


Stir and serve over a large ice cube in a small rocks glass.

Garnish with three smokey scotch-misted Luxardo cherries.



Get ready for fall with this seasonally appropriate cocktail. Corgi Spirits, an independent small-batch distillery located in Jersey City, has hosted a variety of private events including corporate parties; catering is BYO. The Lounge—a plush drinking parlor—is spacious yet cozy and the entire tasting room can be rented to accommodate larger groups.