• Smoothie Catering Company Brings Nutritious Treats to Your Next Event

    FROM THE Fall 2017 ISSUE

The Smoothie Catering Company is known for serving unique smoothies across New Jersey, as well as metro New York and Connecticut. It caters to corporate meetings, health and wellness fairs, employee appreciation events and promotional events. The Smoothie Catering Company can serve groups of up to 50 to several hundred. Clients select two flavors from six choices and a team of two smoothie servers is sent to the meeting site to set up blenders and prepare smoothies to order. All smoothies are nondairy and made without refined sugars. Pure maple syrup is used in some of the smoothies, but most are sweetened by the addition of fruits such as berries, pineapple, peaches, mangos, and bananas. The most popular smoothie is called Clean & Green—made with kale, romaine lettuce, spinach, hemp seeds, avocado, pineapple, banana and lime juice. “Even people who have never touched a green drink and hate veggies love this smoothie,” says Tina Annibell, Smoothie Catering’s certified nutritionist.  

Retreats and off-site meetings present wonderful opportunities for groups to collaborate, strategize and build relationships away from their normal office environments. With proper planning, these sessions can be highly effective and even pivotal in setting a new direction. However, off-sites may present some unforeseen challenges that can quickly deflate the energy in the room if not anticipated and addressed in advance.


Entourage Events Group is determined to produce events that elevate brands, cultivate community and leave lasting impressions through the creation of unique and memorable event experiences. With a corporate office located in Minneapolis, Entourage Events Group can host more far-flung events in unique and historic venues.


We've all been there: You’re heading out to lunch with a group of people when someone asks, “What are you hungry for?” Everyone responds at once: “Italian!” “Chinese!” “Sushi!” “I could go for a burger!” Well, now what? Thanks to food halls, you no longer have to choose just one. Here are five food halls across the North- east that will satisfy everyone’s cravings (and possibly serve as your next meeting venue!).