Snack Delivery Services Make Meetings Healthy

  • Snack Delivery Services Make Meetings Healthy

    POSTED June 18, 2015

    Pictured: Nourish Snacks’ Sampler Collection

    <p>Pictured: Nourish Snacks’ Sampler Collection</p>

Delivered snacks are a simple solution to time-crunched meetings. They are convenient, quick and allow everyone involved to continue working uninterrupted. The downfall? Delivery options are typically unhealthy, greasy and have the potential to hinder productivity, rather than jump-start it. That’s where these three companies come in. Snack Packers, simpaloSNACKS and Nourish Snacks allow planners to create snack boxes for meetings or events and then deliver those boxes right to the front door. Snacks range from salty to savory, spicy to sweet and include options such as nuts, dried fruit, popcorn and granola bars. All three companies allow planners to pack their own boxes, selecting snacks à la carte, so the possibilities are endless. 


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