• When Pigs Fly…at The Inn at Leola Village

    POSTED November 15, 2016

I can’t think of a better way to spend a mid-fall weekend than with a country getaway, and I was lucky enough to escape this past weekend for a quick trip to the Inn at Leola Village. This charming inn took home top prize for Best Inn at our Best of PA Readers Choice event this year, and I decided it was time to see it for myself. Anyone who knows me knows I am a pig fan through and through. Come inside my house, and there are pigs everywhere—on top of my refrigerator, on my walls, and I even have one in my windowsill. I just love pigs, so when I pulled up to the Inn at Leola Village and saw one hanging from the entrance, I was delighted. I quickly noticed that the Inn has a thing for pigs too…they were everywhere in the nooks and crannies. While walking to the guest room, the desk agent shared a delightful reason why there were so many pigs; it’s one I wanted to share too.

The Inn at Leola Village is a delightful country inn complex complete with two restaurants (including the five-diamond TE), a spa and several boutiques in the heart of PA Dutch Country. You can even hear the clip-clop of the Amish and Mennonite buggies (Cool Fact: I didn’t know you could tell the occupants by the color of their buggy—gray is Amish and black is Mennonite). The Inn is located on a former tobacco farm and like any true Cinderella story, what is now a luxury inn was once completely run down. In fact, when the owners decided to purchase the land and advised the local planning board that they wanted to transform it into a multi-star inn with a five-star restaurant, the board retorted, “when pigs fly.” Fast-forward and the owners made good on their promise, but the winsome pigs decorating the property are more than just cute decoration; they are a terrific reminder to fulfill your vision no matter the naysayers.

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